New Year's Party - Ringing In 2017 Simple Yet Stylish -

By now, most folks have already solidified their Christmas party plans. In fact, you may have been so distracted with the details, along with gift shopping and wrapping, that you forgot all about getting started on the next big thing, a New Year’s party! Although every premier hostess will soldier on, risking party fatigue syndrome after two rounds of big events (Thanksgiving and Christmas) New Year’s can still be a smash hit. Just keep it simple yet stylish with these great party ideas.

Sno-Cone Glam New Year's Party

Sangria Granita Sno Cones – Photo Credit: Sugar and Charm

Sno-Cone Glam:

Guests arrive in swanky cocktail dresses on the arm of a gent sporting crisply, creased slacks. Do you lay out a fine buffet of finger food and hors d’ oervres in your shiniest silver and stunning crystal ware? Why not serve food in a way that is simple and fun? For your New Year’s party opt for the cone shaped paper containers that are used to serve sno-cones. Fill them with all sorts of fun treats that will appeal to a wide variety of tastes:

  • Donut holes
  • Chips
  • Broccoli florets
  • Strawberries
  • Mini calzones

And don’t forget to rent a sno-cone machine! But these are not your children’s sno-cones! Oh no, for a grown-up New Year’s party, use recipes that include delicious dessert liqueurs. No need for cocktail cups when the sno-cone is the cocktail. To really dazzle your crowd, personalize your paper servers. Brighten them up with stickers. Have custom printed collars that slip up to the top. Add an inspirational or humorous message. When a guest concludes their dining experience, they can save the collar and wear it as a bracelet. Who knows, you might even make a game out of collecting the bracelets.

Everyone Loves A Masquerade - New Years Party Loves A Masquerade:

Elite socialites often have a formal Black & White ball for New Year’s. Attendees are expected to dress in black and white, wearing elaborate masks to conceal their identities. This tradition hearkens back to Truman Capote’s Grand Ballroom event in 1966. Since you are wanting to keep it simple and fun, rather than have a formal ballroom event like Capote, try a variation on his theme.

Design custom invitations that substitute pajamas and bathrobes for black and white. Replace the fancy mask with a spa mask. Yes, have a spa party. Let cleansing your facial impurities symbolize the New Year spirit of “out with the old, in with the new”. Include all sorts of fun, spa-inspired activities. Have designated areas like a mani-pedi station. Encourage guests to bring their favorite spa-related items like nail polish or a shower cap. Feature a spread of healthy, Zen type foods like sliced cucumber and sparkling waters flavored with fruit juices. Lounge in comfort, dine guiltless and end the night glowing with new life for a new year.

Glitter Glitz - New Year's Party

Photo Credit: The Glitter Guide

Glitter Glitz:

Have you seen the new glitter trend? Christmas 2016 will be memorialized in photos featuring men with beards all aglow with glitter. Why not make glitter your New Year’s party theme? Invitations should indicate that party-goers dress in all that glitters and glows: gold lame, sequins and satin. Bedazzle party hats, bow ties and other accessories. Don’t forget napkins with gold and silver accents, shiny party plates and cups. Keep a bowl of glitter by the front door and christen everyone that arrives with a bit of the stuff. And don’t despair as your carpet begins to sparkle and shine. It all vacuums up easily enough!

Retro Neon New Year's Party Neon:

Remember the days of black lights and the glow of fluorescents? On your invitations, indicate that guests should wear white. Replace all the light bulbs in your house with black lights. Black out your walls and furniture with black craft paper, fabric or sheets. Stock fluorescent markers by the front door and encourage party-goers to fill your craft paper walls with their personal messages and signatures. Give out glow-stick necklaces, bracelets, etc. as party favors. Fill bowls with fluorescent tape and make-up. Scatter them about the room, inviting guests to decorate one another. As the night progresses, see how creative everyone becomes!

Getting started on your New Year’s party is easy. Pick your theme, send out those invites, and then relax while your bring in the new year.